Beware of Barry: The New Top Dog

The hunt for Georges has been nothing but one sad story after another. The latest
rumor has him being finished off by a furious fellow pooch answering to the name of
Barry. A coalition of patriots issued a worldwide alert warning that this suspect of
exotic heritage could mutate and morph into a weapon of mass destruction at any
Amidst this maelstrom of speculation and innuendo, Georges’ owner Brunelda still
maintains hope Georges will return and regain his rightful place. Until then, help
spread the word of the imminent danger posed by this new and unpredictable top dog
by downloading and plastering your neighborhood with “Beware of Barry” posters. If
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Georges goes fashion. Store opening on 31 January 2008 in Berlin, Brunnenstraße 65, at the Urban Fashion and Arts Festival.


Was Georges poisoned in the Bible Belt? Brunelda sends her pal Carl to check into the grave allegation.


According to a comment by Anna Maria from Germany, Georges was recently seen in Berlin’s Wedding district:

Word has it that Georges has been spotted in the sauna at the Frauenfitness in Reinickendorferstr in Wedding. Wearing no jockstrap, he terrorized 4 middle-aged overweight Turkish women, who ran out right on the the street wearing only their soaked undergarments.


On 4th April 2007, 2 pm GMT, the life-sized sculpture of the lost dog Georges was confiscated by two blonde women of apparent Central European descent from the exhibition 007 Strictly Berlin - Targets of Opportunity at the GdK - Galerie der Künste in Berlin. Although the women explained that the artwork had been summoned for investigation by federal authorities, GdK's representatives were not taking the blondes at their word.

Suspicions aroused, gallery officials contacted the exhibition's curatorial duo dafü®, who had kindly provided a platform to help with the search for Georges. Despite the objections raised by the gallery in the ensuing phone conference, dafü® eventually had to consent to the removal of the prized pooch's likeness.

As is standard practice, the federal criminal police - the BKA, Germany's equivalent of the FBI - would neither confirm nor deny an investigation. Unnamed BKA sources have, however, suggested to the media that they are on the hunt for a dark-complexioned man of below medium height who supposedly captured the incident on film.


Georges sighted wearing camouflage in enemy territory +++ Missing canine abducted into fighting by unknown forces +++ Pentagon sources say Georges' owner Brunelda will mount daring rescue mission +++ Amateur video footage appeared on CNN +++ Video of this and sculpture of Georges can be viewed at the exhibition 007 Strictly Berlin - Target of Opportunity from 23 March to 13 April.

007 Strictly Berlin - Target of Opportunity
GdK - Galerie der Künste
Potsdamer Straße 78
10785 Berlin
23 March - 13 April 2007



Here's the latest news on Georges from Stephen in Australia, which he recently posted as a comment here. Thanks, Stephen!

A sighting has taken place, i am sure, i saw a dog meeting this description in Melbourne, Australia late Tuesday afternoon the 7 November. Still well kept and clean, with a slight look of remorse. It was in park lands near where i live; at first i thought it a lost lamb, a rarity to the area. It had its head down licking and cleaning it feet, as i approached it rose from its melancholic state and ran off into the distance. Unfortunately it ran into a crowd (as Tuesday was Melbourne Cup Day – Australia’s greatest horse race that ‘stops a nation’, and many people were in this park at this time) and I lost sight of it. I did find a small tuft of hair/fur, if you would like to have for DNA testing to see if this maybe Georges. If you would like me to put some posters up around this area, I am willing as you must be very distraught with the length of loss and considering his medical condition, but rest assured if this was Georges he seemed to be in good health. I have recently returned from a visit to Berlin were I first saw your poster, and after recently losing and with luck finding my own pet, I was sympathetic to you loss. Please don’t think I smuggled Georges from your country as Australia has very strict quarantine laws.


The life-size sculpture of Georges was packed and ready to go to the site of the last sighting of George - the Alden Biesen castle near Bilzen, Belgium - to be shown in the international exhibition Sehnsucht Inc. Due to increased security measures - and despite numerous appeals to reason - the inspectors at Berlin's Tegel airport denied transport of the plaster-and-wax likeness of Georges to Belgium. Of course, this dashed this hopes of his owner Brunelda as well as the plans of the show's curators. Nevertheless, the search goes on.

A spontaneously-created tribute to George was included in the exhibition. Plus, hundreds of posters and flyers have been posted at the medieval castle and the surrounding region. Georges also left many markings on the grounds of the castle which should serve as valuable clues for those participating in the hunt for the elusive wolf hybrid.

Sehnsucht Inc.
6 October - 10 December 2006
Landcommanderij Alden Biesen
Kasteelstraat 6B
3740 Bilzen



On the night of 3 October Georges was spotted on the grounds of Alden Biesen, a medieval castle of the Knights of the Teutonic Order near Bilzen, Belgium. According to eyewitness reports, Georges was spooked by a throng of Japanese tourists firing their camera flashes and fled to a neighbouring apple orchard. He hasn't been seen since. Please be aware that he is timid of strangers and a VERY fast runner. He requires lots of love, patience and understanding.


Georges has recently been spotted at about 9 o'clock at night in Berlin-Wedding, where he supposedly frightened a group of art collectors travelling on a shuttle bus to the artists' collective Kolonie Wedding. This is on a major thoroughfare and he could have been transported. He loves truck rides, so he could easily have been persuaded.


Georges' owner Brunelda has enlisted the Austrian artist Michaela Strumberger to help with the search. From dog show photos, she has created the spitting image of the prized pooch out of plaster, wax, artificial hair and glass eyes. In a special unveiling ceremony, the life-sized monument to Georges will be presented to the public for the first time at the art venue space untitled in Berlin-Wedding, one of his favorite stomping grounds.

space untitled
Drontheimerstr. 3
10119 Berlin
30 September 2007
8-11 p.m.


This resembles Georges, who is now lost in unfamiliar territory. Georges went outside with his other doggie companions for their morning toilet. The other dogs came in but not Georges, and he was nowhere to be seen. He could be almost anywhere now.

He has won many show ribbons and we feel that someone who knows the value of such a dog has taken him. He may have been shaved or altered in appearance.

Georges is an epileptic dog with diabetes and on medication for that and thyroid. He needs special care and attention. If you know of his whereabouts (dead or alive), please let us know.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

God bless you all.


Missing Since:
11 September 2006
lost in unfamiliar territory

Name: Georges

Breed: wolf hybrid with perm
(if you don't know what an arctic white wolf looks
like, he could be mistaken for a white toy poodle)

Color: white without "yellowing"
and has ice-blue eyes

Age: now 11 months, but looks older

Sex: male (not neutered)

Weight: about 5-10 lbs

Other Info: does some tricks and is
obsessed with marking his territory